Sunday, June 11, 2006


Hot here in London. So only ventured out this weekend for shopping. Don'tlike hot weather - makes me irritable. Also commuting each day is even worse than usual - specially the getting home.

I'd planned to do a bit of journalling/altered books this weekend - thought it would be helpful to air some of life's horrible bits in this way. but couldn't face gluey mess etc.

Have been knitting a little on the gift I'm doing as part of the knitting exchange I take part in for the past few years. This year the theme is hearth and home. I'm making a cushion - but won't say more at the moment about that. Suffice to say it's going well.

But I have stitched this weekend - I mean embroidery. Just found that I wanted to pick out a piece of canvas and stitch. I like canvas stitching from time to time. Generally not formal stitching, ie. not strictly geometric - but more free.

I also have reaslied that I like simple things - that don't necessarily say anything - and I find myself taking lots of pictures of flowers and leaves in the parks - they are so beautiful and colourful.

But the stitching I really emjoyed. I used acrylic paint to sponge colour onto a piece of canvas. Then stitched it. But I also found a smaller piece of canvas that I'd started to stitch a heart onto yonks ago. It wasn't working and so was abandoned. But I unpicked the stitching and started again this morning - and have completed a small piece in a day... Quite a satisfying feeling.

Here are some pics for you to see - this weekends work.