Monday, May 29, 2006

Crafty and other doings in recent weeks

Hi all

life has got away from me in recent weeks, and no phone or internet for over two weeks, also been away on business and other work type things have kept me busy.

On to important things.

Did a Pru Mapstone course a couple of weeks back. It helped enormously to really see how freeform is done, unfortunately due to a business trip I had to cancel the second day. But the first did give me lots to be getting on with. Now all I need is time to do it - and all the othe
r crafty things I want to do...

Here's a pic of my freeform pieces.

The real wow for me was being shown how to do the great bullion crochet stitch. I have tried to follow the instructions in the book - but couldn't get it. But a demo did the trick.

Other than that I had two blissful days at the Committed to Cloth studios - one my regular monthly day and the other a make up day - from beng off sick and missing the April day.

I have worked on some space dyeing on silk velvet and cotton

I've also spent t
wo days of this bank hols weekend - dyeing, rinsing, washing and IRONING... 40 odd pieces of fabric for a class I am booked to take with the American Quilter Nancy Crow in late October. nancy subcribes to the theory that the more choice you have with your fabrics the more creative you can be. Hence dyeing a huge range of colours will be my aim for at least one weekend a month between now and October. More about that later. and pictures of velvet etc end results - if I can persuade the camera to give a good idea of the colour.

The last thing I did this weekend was a little free machine embroidery. I haven't stitched for months and seeing some of the beautiful work that others had brought to the make up day last week inspired me to at least get the machine out and begin to stitch. I think it will end up a bag - it's space dyed cotton sateen ( a divine fabric) but not a piece dyed by me - I bought it from Leslie Morgan my dyeing tutor and master dyer. I bought it when I was feeling very blue. I bought a few pieces from Leslie at the time - they were happy to me and I needed cheering up:)

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Dawn said...

So great to see your post! The second day was wonderful and I really enjoyed meeting everyone! The dying you are doing is lovely!

Did you see the pictures of everyones stuff on my blog?