Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Colours to Dye for... Pt 4 - I achieve my Holy Grail

believe it or not the above is a picture of my personal Holy Grail. For more years than I care to admit - but going back to City and Guilds days - and I finished that course in 2000, I have been seeking the perfect shade of AUBERGINE (US readers that translates to EGGPLANT). This photo on my screen looks a little brown - but in real life it truly is aubergine. Can you tell I am a little mad about this colour gggg...

I have achieved burgundies, or shades of purple, or brownish burgundies - but never AUBERGINE. The piece to the left of the Aubergine is a very pale version , then a piece of viscose/silk velvet dyed with greys and then a piece of silk - in which the red took hold very quickly and the blue washed away - so no aubergine on the silk. I know now, how silk reacts differently to procion than cotton.

There is a little story to my aubergine:

When we as a team resorted our final samples after our marathon sample dyeing exercises, we had one missing. We'd pressed them all and sorted into order.

Looked and looked and couldn't find it. I then decided to go back into the dye room and have a look there. The samples were small - maybe one had fallen under the table. I found a bucket of red that had not been emptied. I emptied it and there was our missing fabric. It was then washed and dried and there it was. The PERFECT shade - my long sought Aubergine.

Can you imagine how happy I was. I know had a recipe for Aubergine and I understood why I had not acheived it before.

I wondered at times - before I left home - whether I was not a little mad to be flying over to the USA for a colour / dyeing course. All I can say was that the course and I were destined to come together one day.

As a friend wrote to me today. The ability to be precise gives me huge freedom. it certainly does.



Nickerjac said...

It all looks absolutely amazing, one day :)

Brigid said...

I'm glad you had such a good time and that it lived up to your expectations. Looking forward to seeing some results!

Sue said...

Absolutely fascinating. You obviously had a ball. I love the aubergine - one of my favourite colours!

Johanne said...

You know aubergine is my colour??? Will you be sharing the secret of your sucess!! Glad it finally worked for you. The colour looks gorgeous. You all look like a good time was had by all. P.S Go cart is in the maaking!!

Sue said...

Hi Sue

Just emailed you regarding your latest email. If you don't get it you might want to email me again with your snail mail address or phone mnumber so we can get the details sorted.

all the best

Sue (spinningsue)

Suemoon said...

Aubegine is DEElightful.....

Would it translate to sock yarn ;-)

Jenny said...

Hi there! I really enjoyed reading about your dyeing and about the Holy Grail of eggplant color. That's really funny. But I totally understand! My Holy Grail color is green----not kelly green, not forest green, but a certain un-describe-able green that I know once I spot it. Soon I'll be dyeing some sock yarn, hoping to achieve that great green shade. But obviously, you're the expert at dyeing. With me, it's only hit and miss. Take care and happy dyeing!

Suemoon said...

Hey Sue,
you seem to be a victim of the Yahoo Bug, I've mailed you but all my messages are returned!