Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Seaside - in November!

Saturday was a really lovely day. Set out with - we went to visit at the seaside.

Well it was - as they say 'a grand day out'. We had a nice drink and long chat about sewing machines, then off to the Museum at Brighton for the Indigo exhibition. The exhibition is fabulous - really nice textiles, lots of
information and you can watch the video of indigo dyeing in W Africa (but that is 50 min long) so am going to wait til I can buy a copy. Apparently there is a part II of the exhibition - at the Hove branch of the museum.

Then we had lunch in the basement of a very nice Italian cafe/restaurant. Pizza, Lasagne and Pasta and some
sock knitting going on too.

Then came dessert. There was mango dessert, a pie type thing with chocolate (forgive me Brigid) I can't recall what that was as I was a little overwhelmed by the tennis ball size of the profiteroles I had ordered - with what seemed like half a gallon of yummy chocolate sauce.

I did take a funny picture of Jan and Brigid taking photos of their dessert and I did - they are my witnesses - take a photo of mine before I attacked it. Also cos it was funny - I took a photo of the after - as in after demolition!! However, the camera in it's infinite wisdom has lost those pictures, as well as the nice one I took of Jan and Brigid against the beautiful sunset.

After lunch we walked down the seafront along to Hove. Beautiful sunset, calm sea, balmy evening, no breeze. It was a perfect day and most gratifying to see how Jan is loving her new life at the seaside.

Do need to go back again - so we can do part II of the exhibition and a bit more knitting and nattering.

A really great day, travel not too painful - once we got ourselves on the correct train... and most enjoyable company.

Here are a couple of pictures of the sunset that the camera did decide to keep!!

The last picture is to celebrate another very important event last week. My youngest niece was 1 on 31st October, a lovely birthday party was organised by my sister with witchs, devils and assorted ghouls invited. A good time was had by all - and here is the birthday girl with her favourite present - supplied by doting big brother.

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fiona d said...

your day out sounds wonderful - indigo and profiteroles! My birthday is Hallowe'en too, and so is my daughter's, so it's always been a day for a party in our house :-) Your niece looks delightful.