Monday, August 21, 2006

Shopping Report

Further to the update re Shanghai etc. On my return and during my week off (we're back in July now...) the second nicest thing I did was buy a new Bernina:)

A 630 with an embroidery unit - and several different sorts of feet etc etc... as you do.

Also invested in a proper trolley suitcase for it. It cost heaps - but it's to protect my investment - and I do now have three machines (each one special in it's own way) and I have to say that I really wouldn't trust any of my machines to the vagaries of the other machine trolley I purchased a couple of years ago. It has not held up well - gone a bit wonky and rarely been used for a machine. But it is good for classes that I go to where only heaps of fabric etc is required - and no machine.

The nicest of all though was to stay for a few days with my mate Pam - up in Shropshire. Oh it was just what I needed. We gel so well together - can be in the same house, doing creative stuff - and not in each other's pockets - if you know what I mean.

Arrived on Thursday
evening (the trains were kind for once). We had yummy fish and chips for supper and then sat and chatted, and looked through books, discussed projects, ideas etc...

On Friday we visited Castle Court Quilters in Whittington - a shop owned by a friend of Pams'.

They have a very nice selection of quilting cottons. Also a nice big workroom where Pam teaches from time to time -
embroidery classes.

Basically - we both just chilled. Later when we got back home - sat about in the sunshine in the garden which is absolutely charming (all put together by Pam's hubby)and did ZILCH!!!! Neither of us could recall the last time we just were - without needing to rush and DO SOMETHING!

Saturday more sitting around sewing etc - and being served strawberries and ice cream whilst we sat in the garden - byt Pam's hubby. We had our strawberries and ice cream before dinner!!! Which included the yummy yummy broad beans home grown.

Sunday - home. A great few days. and ready for work again...

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