Sunday, September 10, 2006

To bring things up to date

I'm off again this week for some intensive iron and steel business workshops for work - to China. I'm told that someone from our Australian office is also organising some touristy stuff fof the weekend that we're there - we might be off to the Great Wall of China. Also need to do more shopping:) I have requests for some pearls and knitting bags - and will be acquiring more of those cute little pin cushions with all the little people round the edge - I would like a couple more - for my different types of pins and one or two people I know would like one too.

I will be away for almost two weeks and want to have this more or less up to date
before then.

I have been to the British Museum - with my friend - who came to stay for a few days back in early August. We love the great Court - and also looked properly at the Parthenon exhibits - which are quite phenomenal.

love folds and pleats - like fortuny work - and have adored the pictures by Burne-Jones - whose pictures are often of garments with goreous folds etc. So I took some close up pics at the BM of the sculptures - as they might be useful for artwork development at some stage.

We also visited the Globe theatre in Southwark - and did the tour which was great.

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Beverley said...

Hi, my husband ended up going to China two or three times this past year, I can't remember now. He went out there to organise supply of component parts for companies here in the UK. He used to travel alot for his old company but is stuck in London at the moment. Just when I thought I might be able to train him to purchase yarn for me the trips ended LOL