Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bringing up to date Chapter 2

Attended Festival of Quilts in mid August. Friends had entries - the only one of which I managed to get a decent picture of was Pam's wrap. Beautifully machine embroidered and beaded.

Leslie Morgan (picture) and Claire Benn of Committed to Cloth (where I attend a class one day a month) were there with the 'virtual studio' - which really is a fab idea. I also got to see one of the fused quilts made by Melody Johnson - whose blog Fibermania - is a must for me each day - I don't manage very well to keep up with all the blogs I'd like to keep up with. This quilt (pic is a closeup) is one of the Matchstick Moon quilts - I adore her sense and use of colour.

I stayed over at one of the hotels at NEC. Nice hotel - but prices for food were a disgrace! I travel a lot on business and have never experienced such high prices for room service meals. But at NEC you are more or less stuck with no options really. The alternative to travel back each day into Birmingham. Did that during the Sewing for Pleasure show back in April - but with the trains etc being almost every weekend 'up the creek' because of engineering works - that becomes almost impossible.

Aside from the food prices it was lovel to stay over and then be able to go along again the next day.

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Wibbo said...

Good to see you yesterday, Sue! Nice pics - I can see that I'll have to check out that sewing shop. Have a good trip.