Thursday, February 22, 2007

Message for Joyce? a great week

Hi all

this won't be a long entry - more a taster... Joyce - you left a comment on my blog but I have no way to contact you - please send me an e-mail to

I had a great Monday - playing on a Babylock Embellisher, and then discharging some black velvet - Will blog with pictures over the weekend. Then tonight - I had the great pleasure to meet Sheila and Jonathan Bosworth of They are in London for a short holiday and came along to liberty this evening to join the knitters for tea. Sheila kindly gave me a lesson in spindling and I have acquired two of their beautiful spindles - a purpleheart (first choice as purple is my favourite colour) and a zebrawood one. I even mananged to spin a little presentable yarn. What fun it was. Again - more of that later over the weekend - when there will also be even more fun to report... roll on Saturday.

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Nickerjac said...

Hope you are going to bring them on Saturday for us all to see :)