Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Majestic Lions Keeping Warm


I know I'm overdue for a report on the fabulous weekend away in Yorkshire spinning and knitting and loads and loads of shopping. Sorry - haven't sorted pics etc properly - as I get my final installment of the fibre/yarn mountain I bought back tomorrow evening - going to pick it up from the lovely person who bought it back in their car. All will then be revealed.

However, today I paid a visit to Trafalgar Square - it was very cold and windy - but I had to go. My favourite Lions - every since we used to visit them when I was quite small - along with a visit each time we visited the Lions - to St James's Park to feed the ducks from the bridge.

The lions were getting warm cuddly scarves - knitted to raise money for Cancer Research - a cause close to my heart as my Dad died of cancer.

Here are some pictures of the very beautiful majestic Lions looking fabulous in their warm cuddly scarves. Certainly put a smile on my face today.

You can read more about this project at http://www.stitchandbitchlondon.co.uk/

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